About Us

Welcome to Pynk Haus

We create innovative design solutions that represent empowerment, inspiration and energy.  Founded by Jenelle Amelia, Pynk Haus was born from a love of fitness, movement and performance. Jenelle’s vision for Pynk Haus began when she learned about the power that style can have on a workout. Inspired by the color pink, Jenelle saw that wearing this striking and energizing color during her workouts improved her performance and inspired her. Every garment in the Pynk Haus collection reflects the belief that what we wear influences how we do.

With the belief that “anything they can do, we can do… better!”, Pynk Haus’ aspiration is to be a fashion brand that offers value through versatility, quality and style.

Confidence, strength and wisdom are at the heart of the Pynk Haus brand and these values are reflected at every level. As a work-out inspired fashion company, Pynk Haus emanates adaptability and comfort. Each piece is carefully designed and created to be as versatile as possible. You can wear a Pynk Haus piece in the gym as much as you can pair it with heels for a night out. Pynk Haus is empowering and fierce. It celebrates the strength, grace and beauty of the feminine spirit.  We celebrate the bravery and courage of women who are not afraid of living the life they love even if it means breaking societal norms.

The Pynk Haus collection is made with love. Each high-quality, timeless piece is made for your maximum comfort and style. Get connected by following us on Facebook @pynkhausoflove and on Instagram @pynkhaus.