Trends In Fitness Apparel: What Your Workout Wardrobe Needs

Jenelle Amelia

Posted on September 28 2018

Heading to the gym? You go, girl! (imagine us cheering you from the bleachers!) Challenging yourself and taking care of your body are two of the most empowering things you can do as a woman. Shouldn’t your outfit reflect that?

There’s a reason that Nike’s ads are award-winning and adored by advertisers and fitness geeks alike: there’s inspiration to be found in great gear. The right workout ‘fit can have you feeling like a badass, ready to tackle the gym and anybody that tries to steal your shine.

Plus, going to work out is the perfect excuse to show off your latest pair of hot leggings!

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite trends in fitness apparel for 2018 to keep you looking fly and killing it every day you.


The monochrome trend is still holding steady in 2018, making it easier than ever to rock a look that stands out. But this look goes far deeper than just wearing black head to toe (though that never goes out of style!) Try pairing blush-toned shorts and sports bra with your pink Converse for a stylish, "I'm so put-together" look while you hit your 5 AM spin class.

High-Waisted Leggings & Sports Bras

Who doesn't love high-waisted leggings? The right pair is a godsend at the gym and outside of it! With their comfortable, breathable fabric, they won't hold on to odors, keeping you cool and sweat-free while you workout. Bonus: everything's held in its place, so you can feel even more confident while you bang out your reps! Pair with a supportive sports bra or fun tank top and you're done.

Matching Sets

The trend of matching sets is gaining speed in and out of the gym. We love that these are built-in outfits, often with both pieces being sold together, to make getting ready super-easy. Try a matching leggings-and-crop-top set in a solid color to mix & match two of 2018's hottest fitness apparel trends, or choose a playful pattern to make a bold statement!

Patterns and Prints

Of course, you're not dressing nicely for everyone; you're dressing for yourself! But working out in a fun print can amplify your workout subconsciously to help you push even harder as you check your form in the mirror. Cool prints like plaid, polka dots, and stripes never seem to go out of style—paired with a bold shade of Pynk, and you're good to go, girl!

Inspirational Tees

Whether you're there to squat, run, or do yoga—we all need some extra inspiration to push through at the gym sometimes! How about wearing that inspiration right on your shirt? We love the fitness apparel trend of quote tees. They encourage us to hustle hard, be a badass, and put our mind over matter with every set! Plus, you never know who might see your shirt and get a little inspiration for themselves. Win-win!

The right workout gear can get you hype to hit the gym. Follow the trends, but always stay true to your style. You deserve more than your boyfriend's shorts and a t-shirt you got for free. Stay looking hot and feeling your best while you take care of your body!


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